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Let us help distribute your professional equity research through our online ecosystem.

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Research Tree ... 
The Home of Professional Equity Research

At Research Tree, we democratise access to equity research for investors and companies. Our platform aggregates professional research reports from various analysts, providing valuable insights for informed investment decisions.


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Why distribute your equity research on Research Tree?

Research Tree is the UK's largest equity research distributor for retail and institutional investors.

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Reach a Wide Range of Retail and Institutional Investors

Our platform opens doors to a vast and diverse audience, including both retail and institutional investors - with our platform having 65,000 investors signed-up.

This wide reach is invaluable for providers looking to maximise the impact and visibility of their research.

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Rich Suite of Insights and Analytics

Research Tree offers in-depth analytics, providing valuable data on how your research is consumed, such as time spent reading, amount read, and the types of investors engaged.

This information is useful for tailoring your research to meet the evolving needs of your audience.

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Advanced Management Tools & Customised Provider Pages

For providers needing to set custom parameters regarding investor access to research and other oversight tools, Research Tree offers a comprehensive suite of management tools.

Additionally, our platform facilitates the creation of personalised provider profiles, where all your content is centralised, enhancing engagement with investors.

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Automated Email Alerts

When you upload a note tagged with a specific company, our system sends targeted emails to investors who are tracking that company in their watchlists.

This not only increases the accessibility of your research but also ensures it reaches a highly engaged and relevant audience, in a timely manner.

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Access to Research Tree's 'Events Hub'

Our platform also features an aggregating events space, listing both online and in person investor based events.This increases visibility for research providers and offers additional avenues for engaging with the investment community.


Integration with Research Tree's Wider 'Ecosystem'

Our platform enhances your research's exposure by seamlessly distributing it to other websites, such as company websites using our embedded research feed solution and the London Stock Exchange as Research Tree provides the infrastructure to company pages on their website.

Providers on Research Tree

Our platform aggregates content from over 150 providers and has three tiers of access for investors.

Free / Commissioned

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Main Bundle

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Institutional Access



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+ many more




Media Providers

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(Free / Commissioned)

+ many more

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+ many more

+ many more

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FAQ's surrounding research accessibility and MiFID II:

How does the accesibility of research work for different types of investors?  MiFID II is a European regulatory framework focusing on financial markets and investor protection. Research Tree has three types of 'bundles' available for investors. 1). 'Free to Access' - this is essentially sponsored research, whereby the research house is paid by the company to produce research on them. All investors are able to access this form of research on Research Tree. 2). 'Main Bundle' - this is research made accesible to 'professional investors' on Research Tree. To access these types of reports, investors must 'opt-in' as a profesional investor first when they create their account. Investors can pay £25 per month, or £8 per month for '3 stock coverage', which allows them to access main bundle research. 3). 'Institutional Offering' - institutional investors are able to plumb in research from providers they are a client off.

What is Research Tree's main research bundle and investor accessiblity requirements? Research Tree's main bundle is designed for professional investors, offering detailed equity research and insights into financial markets and companies. To access this service, subscribers must demonstrate significant experience in financial markets and an active engagement in trading activities. The subscription process to our main bundle is streamlined and investors need to self 'opt-in' to qualify.

How do you ensure compliance regarding MiFID II and what controls do you have over investor access? Research Tree implements strict controls to ensure appropriate investor access to research, in line with MiFID II regulations. Institutional providers on our platform have the ability to tailor their distribution lists, ensuring that their research is accessible only to their specified institutional clients. This approach upholds both regulatory compliance and the intended distribution of research content.

Research Tree's Platform

Provider Research Portals

Research Tree can also provide Brokers & Research Houses with bespoke portals

Seamlessly present your equity research in a ‘one- stop destination’ for investors – whilst maintaining a fully compliant process.

Interested in hearing more?

Contact us to learn more about how Research Tree can help distribute your content.

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