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Provider Research Portals

Seamlessly present your equity research in a ‘one-stop destination’ for investors – whilst maintaining a fully compliant process.

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Why use Research Tree as your portal provider?

Research Tree has a portal solution for all sizes of brokers and research houses.

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Developments & upgrades

We are constantly looking to improve our offering by adding new features and updates, keep our offering up-to-date and aligned with the evolving needs of our clients.


Speed to launch

Our customised portal solutions are designed for efficiency and ease of implementation, ensuring they can be set up and operational in a short time frame. This swift deployment allows for minimal disruption and immediate enhancement of your digital capabilities.


Integration with Research Tree 'ecosystem'

Your portal is seamlessly integrated with the wider Research Tree platform, other venues we distribute to and embedded company research feeds. 

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Simple & easy to navigate design

Our portal features a user-friendly design, including intuitive navigation with hub pages, content pages, and effective filtering and search options, aimed at simplifying and enhancing the user experience.

They are designed to match your website's branding and style.

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Analytics & Insights

Get access to full, detailed and realtime readership analytics, including user-level dwell-time and report penetration analytics.

We will also send you timely and actionable readership emails for your analysts and sales teams, based on the readership data your portal generates.


Competitively priced vs alternatives

Our portals are priced competitively in comparison to industry alternatives, providing a comprehensive suite of tools. This approach ensures our solution is accessible to a wide range of clients, from small-scale brokers to large research houses, offering versatility and value to businesses of all sizes.

Portal Features

A comprehensive collection of useful features in a refined, intuitive, and modern portal

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Key Pages

Centralised research hub for all your research, with advanced search parameters.

Analyst Page
Showcase your analysts and team within a dedicated page.

Company Page
Corporate clients and covered companies have their own landing page within your Portal.

Media & Events
Investors can discover videos, interviews, podcasts, and upcoming events all in one place.

Research Hub

Enhance the visibility and accessibility of your equity research by centralising it in a dedicated research hub. This approach not only makes your research easier to find but also streamlines the user experience.

Benefits include improved organisation of content, greater user engagement through simplified access, and the ability to highlight key research pieces more effectively. A dedicated hub also offers the opportunity for users to explore a wider range of research materials, fostering a more informed and engaged investor community

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Transactions Hub

Portals feature a dedicated transactions area, streamlining the book-running process for enhanced efficiency and ease. They facilitate the management of both joint and sole book building processes directly within the portal, where approved investors can conveniently apply for shares.

Additionally, the portal includes secure, inbuilt services for the distribution of pre-IPO research, ensuring a safe and controlled dissemination of sensitive information.

Additional Features

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Timely & actionable morning emails

Research Tree also sends out bespoke emails to each analyst every morning, these highlight timely and actionable readership insights regarding institutional investors interacting with notes.


Integrates with Research Tree's 'ecosystem'

Your portal is seamlessly integrated with the wider Research Tree ecosystem.

Learn more

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Insights & analytics data trends

Retain a full record of granular readership statistics, such as how many pages of a note were read and how long investors spend on a particular note, helping to generate useful information for trend analysis and detailed client reporting.

Embedded Research Feeds

Research Tree also provides company ‘Embedded Research Feeds’. Feeds sit in the IR ‘Analyst Research’ page of a company website, they help increase the accessibility, distribution, and visibility of professional research – whilst remaining fully compliant.

Company feeds are designed to work natively with a Broker’s research portal. When an investor clicks to read a note, they will be transferred over to the relevant note in your portal – placing your portal at the centre of your corporates client's research.

Our Clients

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Interested in hearing more?

Contact us to learn more about how our solutions can help keep investors informed.

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