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IR Social Media Management

Let us help design and plan social media campaigns for your company, with a focus on IR material and annual report content.

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Tell your story online ... improve engagement

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You have lots of great content stranded inside Annual Reports and Investor Presentations. Social media is a vital method of unlocking that content and raising investor awareness.

Effective campaigns pull out key themes and increase visibility through ongoing broad distribution. We help investors better understand your investment case, positively impacting liquidity.

The way we plan, design and schedule your social media campaigns generates a sustained flow of engaging posts, creating a narrative investors can follow in bite-sized chunks.

Why outsource your IR social media?


Save time by outsourcing an intensive job

Allowing your team to focus on core business functions, whilst we help build your company an engaging social presence. 


Competitive and cost-effective solution

A solution that offers both competitive edge and cost-effectiveness, our custom solutions can work for all sizes of companies and budgets.

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Increase investor engagement online

Social media is a valuable tool for engaging and reaching retail investors, offering a direct and dynamic way to communicate and share important information with this online audience.

How Research Tree makes it work...


Engaging content that is relevant and tells your story

Research Tree works with all sized companies based within a wide range of industries.

We know how to craft posts that engage investors online using your company's content, such as annual reports and presentations.

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Fully customised posts to match your branding

The posts we create are sent from your company's social accounts - therefore they need to match your branding.

Our approach to content creation is tailored to align seamlessly with your brand's unique voice and visual style.

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You control the content that gets published

You retain complete control over the content that gets published, allowing you to carefully curate and approve what aligns with your brand's message and values before it goes live.

All our posts are approved by you first before being sent out.

Fully branded to strengthen your image

Posts can be designed to match your company’s theme and branding to increase recognizability


FTSE 250 Client

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AIM Client

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Social Media Schedules

To maximise impact, content is categorised into segmented themes to create variation, increase engagement, and further drive interaction on a rolling monthly basis.

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You control what gets published

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How does it work?

Your company social accounts are connected to our social media manager account so that all posts can be scheduled a month in advance by us.

We then plan, design and schedule all the IR content for your social channels covering the following month.

This is achieved through using your corporate presentations and website content, you can send us any additional news or images you would like included too.

What do you need to do?

All that’s required from you is to review the following month’s campaign before it is published. This process takes a minimal amount of time, and ensures you have complete control over what goes live.

Some of our Clients

(Click social icons to view channels)

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Getting Set-Up

Our aim is to make quality content for your social channels, whilst making the process as efficient and non time comital as possible.

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Sign agreement

A short e-signature agreement.

Research Tree will plug your socials into our scheduling software ready to go.

All posts have to be previewed by you first - meaning we can never post content without prior approval, keeping you in complete control of your social channels.


Sign-off first month of posts

We agree on 4-6 Themes with you.

We schedule first month of posts, created using content that already exists and has been previously approved - such as annual reports, presentations, and website content.

You provide feedback on campaign then sign-off.

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Proceed on a monthly rolling basis

Each month we provide a new 30-day campaign.

Campaign extends ongoing themes and introduces new ones.

Interested in hearing more?

Contact us to learn more about how our solutions can help keep investors informed.

Our Other Services

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