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Fireside Webinars

Engage and keep investors updated and informed online via one of Research Tree's 'Fireside Webinars'.

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Fireside Webinars on Research Tree

Showcase your investment proposition, update investors, and present results to independent investors.

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Address Liquidity

Hosting an investor webinar allows a company to address liquidity concerns by engaging with a wide investor pool, potentially leading to increased trading activity and a more stable share price.

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Efficient Communication

Webinars provide a singular, scalable opportunity to communicate with multiple investors at once, ensuring consistent messaging and saving valuable time.

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Corporate Governance

Reporting on investor engagement during webinars can fulfill compliance requirements while also boosting transparency and stakeholder trust.

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Targeted Investor Meetings

Fireside webinars enable companies to interact specifically with investors who have a genuine interest, fostering more focused and effective investment discussions.

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Feedback Analysis

Analysing feedback and engagement from webinars provides valuable insights into investor sentiment, which can shape future corporate strategies and communication.

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Continued Engagement

Regular webinars allow for sustained communication with investors, keeping them informed and engaged between official reporting periods.

The Fireside Webinar Process

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Agree a date and time to host the webinar which suits you.

We send out invites to investors who have your company in their 'Watchlist' on our platform and also market the event on Research Tree.


During Webinar

We launch the webinar when ready to go using our online platform, there is no software needing downloading.

The webinar starts and you can use presentations, we can also run the webinar in a more informal 'Fireside' style, where investors can submit questions.

Research Tree monitors livestreams, polls, and incoming questions - these remain hidden from other investors watching the stream.

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Once the webinar is complete the footage will be uploaded to Research Tree for future consumption.

You will be sent feedback and insights which we collect from investors at the end of the webinar, providing useful IR insights.

Fireside Examples

(Click to view client's webinar)

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Interested in hearing more?

Contact us to learn more about how our solutions can help keep investors informed.

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